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We're a woman-owned company with a decade of interview and production experience rooted in sociology, documentary film, and radio journalism. 

We partner with brands and agencies to visualize primary research, bring insights to life, and tell strategy-powered stories. See select case studies here.







AERO Creative consulted on a TED-style presentation that I’ve since delivered to hundreds of lawyers at many law firms and organizations. Allegra was great to work with as she helped shape and tighten the storyline, providing insightful feedback on story structure and delivery. I would recommend AERO for companies and individuals looking to craft their message into thoughtfully designed, visually impactful communications.
— Adam Rosman, Executive Vice President and General Counsel at First Data
For over 2 years, AERO has been a strategic partner to our brand and storytelling efforts. Allegra has the unique ability to simplify a story and tell it through video. She is also amazing with celebrity talent and script writing. I recommend AERO to savvy marketers and content strategists who desire to bring their story to life.
— Ruth Gaviria, Chief Marketing Officer at Entercom Communications
Allegra is quite quite bright and has this magic ability to find that one kernel of truth that sometimes falls through the cracks. She can talk to anyone and craft beautiful stories where others see nothing. Plus, she can shoot and edit video that blow keynote-deck-sick client’s minds.
— Josh Millrod, Media Design Director at Noble People

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